Beer Brat Topping: Whiskey Barrel Kraut with Sautéed Chives


Looking for a new twist on an old favorite for your summer cook out?  Why not pick up some of your favorite beer brats, quality buns and a  jar of our probiotic friendly Whiskey Barrel Kraut!


Fresh chives make a great addition to a beer brat topping not only for their beauty and ornamental value but for the addition of their subtle onion and garlic flavor profile.

We like to sauté chives fresh from our garden. Don’t be afraid to use the flower as well as the scape. Both are super full of flavor.   They have a subtle bite that blends well with the mellow buttery undertones of the Whiskey Barrel Kraut.

Since our goal at LCFFS is to provide delicious probiotic love, we recommend sautéing the chives first over a cast iron skillet with a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  This way you aren’t killing off any of our friendly little gut bugs that keep our bodies happy! After they are sautéed to your likening, turn off the heat and mix in the Whiskey Barrel Kraut. IMG_9057


There you have it! A super simple topping sure to impress and tantalize not only your friends and family but their tastebuds too! If you want to add a spicy probiotic kick to the dish like we like to do, grab a bottle of LCFFs Spicy Mango Hot Sauce!

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