Fermented Field Trip: The Coffee Ride (Boulder, CO)

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! We here at Live Cultures FFs have started a new segment called Fermented Field Trips! There are so many foods/beverages in this lovely world of ours (cheese, beer, sauerkraut to name a few) that utilize the magic and mysticism of fermentation.  We are going out into the field to meet with some […]

Wildfire Kimchi Egg Rolls

Today we are sharing with you one of our favorite and simplest recipes in the Live Cultures FFs cookbook.  Wildfire Kimchi Egg Rolls!  It’s great for parties or as a late night snack.  Your belly will surely thank you for making this little treat.  No need to worry about breaking out the fryer to make […]

Curried Okra: Lacto-Fermented

Before we get going on this delicious snack and great addition to any fermentista’s arsenal, I think it is important that we know a little background of this provocative and alluring beauty. Okra (also know as Lady’s Finger’s) is a member of the Mallow family.  It is related to cotton,  hibiscus, jute, and hollyhock.  Who […]

Beer Brat Topping: Whiskey Barrel Kraut with Sautéed Chives

Looking for a new twist on an old favorite for your summer cook out?  Why not pick up some of your favorite beer brats, quality buns and a  jar of our probiotic friendly Whiskey Barrel Kraut! Fresh chives make a great addition to a beer brat topping not only for their beauty and ornamental value […]