Here at North Country Food Lab our mission is simple:
Eat Well – Love the Land – Be Curious

North Country Food Lab (NCFL) Workshop Experiences bring together experts in their field in a natural setting with curious people to learn, create, and eat together.


NCFL Workshop Experiences include:

Lacto-Fermentation Basics – This is a great class for new and seasoned fermenters alike who are looking for a hands-on experience while learning the science behind the the microbes  ferments that make this food transformation happen.

Derek and Tess explain the science of fermentation, share recipe suggestions, offer tasters for inspiration, and answer your questions before we dive in and start making our own creative concoctions (the best way to learn and gain confidence!). We’ll each go home with our own jars of goodies to stock the fridge.

2018 Kimchi Workshop – Science, History, and Hands-on at Kilt Farm, in Boulder CO.

Kombucha Kick-Off Class – Love that tangy fizzy flavor of kombucha, but not sure how to get a batch of your own up and running? Learn the basics of fermenting this multi-microbial concoction with a pinch of science, history, and other fizzy drinks! Go home with your own SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) and directions on making your own kombucha at home.kombucha-in-bottles-1